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GM Application

Post  [eGM]CutieSonya on Sun Dec 21, 2008 7:02 am

Account Name - CutieSonya

IGN - CutieSonya

What You Want Your Name To Be- [GM]CutieSonya

Do You Have Experience As A Rose GM? - I have 2 years experience with rose.I also play private server such as Srose,BasicRose,Du Rose,Dragon Ruby,Pimpin,Atonemet and i have my own server too Very Happy

Name At Least One Command - /givefairy <name> (1)
/ban and i know more,coz i have experience

Have You Downloaded the Game (With No Errors)- Yes without any error

Why Do you want to be a GM- I wanna help people who wanna make a private server.I have knowledge and i hope i can help.I also a kind person.Helping people is my 1st reason why i choose to be a GM/

Why Should You Be Picked For A GM Position? - Like i said,i wanna help people with my knowledge

Any Additional Information You Would Like To Add - I Hope i can make this server famous

My real live name : Sonya
Age : 24
Favorite games :MMORPG game Very Happy

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Good Luck

Post  [eGM]KingZento on Sun Dec 21, 2008 9:21 pm

Good Luck, I hope you make it=)

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