Soldier Guide

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Soldier Guide

Post  [GM]TerrOrisT on Wed Dec 24, 2008 9:24 am

Soldier = Champion/Knight

Knight Class
Soldiers can advance to Knights imbued with holy power. Knights always lead the forces at the front line with their
excellent defense, and can withstand attacks from
stronger enemies

Knights can equip heavy armor, such as plate armor, and
large shields that can offer protection to most of the
body. They can also wear head gear like full helms which
cover most of the face.

Knights favor the use of a One Handed Weapon and a Shield at the same time. Although their attack strength may not be great, their strikes are fast and accurate.

Battle Strategy:
Since Knights possess decent physical strength and high
defense, it is possible to deal with stronger enemies when supported with magic skills that amplify their abilities.
When in a party, Knights can lead the battle and directly
confront the enemy as the first line of defense.
They are not only efficient in protecting party members,
but they can also cast some support magic skills to
aid party members from a distance.

Main Skills:
Knights tend to specialize in the use of One Handed Swords for their speed and accuracy. They can also use Shields to block enemy attack and have support skills that increase the defense of the caster or party members, as well as other enhancements.

Champion Class
Soldiers can advance to Champions through ceaseless
self-training in the art of offensive combat.
Champions can deal with many foes at a time with their
powerful attack strength.

Champions usually equip lightweight armor made out of
leather, or leather reinforced with metal.
They can also equip armor made of bone or turtle shells.

Champions generally uses giant heavy weapons such as Two Handed Axes, Two Handed Maces, Spears, Two Handed Swords or Dual Wield weapons.

Battle Strategy:
Champions are ideal for fighting a large number of foes at one time with their powerful attack strength. However,
since they are not as defensive as the Knight class, it
may be difficult for them to battle stronger enemies.
In a party, a Champion can support a Knight from behind
by damaging enemies while the Knight defends the
Champion from attacks.

Main Skills:
Champions specialize in skills which increase attack strength and inflict great damage, but they also have access to abilities that can increase their attack accuracy or confuse enemies.

Credit by:[GM]TerrOrisT

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Re: Soldier Guide

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