Artisan Build

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Artisan Build

Post  [GM]TerrOrisT on Thu Dec 25, 2008 6:03 am

as an Artisan you want to make big money by crafting wings/specific shields/masks/weapons This guide shows you how

you first want to max out Stat CON and then SEN because you first need to level up and rebound a few times and then craft (a good choice is doing first CON max then SEN max) but thats up to you Tongue spend your skills on what ever you want to because when rebounded you will lose skills but not stats when stats maxed up you will follow the skill list below.

okay you maxed out CON and SEN congratulations, your next step is to set up the skills, the skills you need are these

Dealer skills: Weapon Research<max this
Armor Research<max this
Alchemy research<max this (for SEN)
Sub-item research<max this (i think you know why Tongue)
Craftsman Gift<max the one that gives you CON and SEN
Weapon crafting<max this
Armor crafting<max this
Sub item crafting<max this


okay now comes

the artisan skills: Advanced weapon research<max this
Advanced Armor research<max this
Advanced Alchemy research<max this for SEN
Advanced Sub-item research<max this one to

the rest remaining skill points you can spend on whatever you like
i recommened you that you spend it on offensive skill list

i hope you make good money , Good Luck on your journey to the MAX
cheers cheers

Credit to: sdajno

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Re: Artisan Build

Post  sdajno on Thu Dec 25, 2008 12:12 pm

credit to you???? Evil or Very Mad

i made this guide you just copy and paste it from (ruby dragon rose)


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Re: Artisan Build

Post  [GM]Sola on Thu Dec 25, 2008 12:25 pm

Terrorist, don't take credit for someone elses work.

-Head GMSola

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Re: Artisan Build

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