Basic Introduction of Scout

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Basic Introduction of Scout

Post  [GM]TerrOrisT on Thu Dec 25, 2008 6:13 am

This guide will teach you how to be a PVP style Scout. I will go through the basics of pvping, stats, skills, and strategy for each class.

Stat Points:

Dex: This will be your most important stat that you will be adding. It adds attack power, dodgerate, and movement speed.

Con: You always need this stat, no matter what class you choose. being able to hit something is key, especially in pvp.

Sen: The second most crucial stat for your char. You'll be pumping this stat high. It also adds damage for bows.

For me i go with about a 2:1 Dex:Sen ratio with 90 con base. this will allow for devastating crit during pvp, and high damage. This will be the most devastating combination for this type of scout, it has always served me well.


Bow Mastery: This skill defines the scout. max it asap, no questions asked.

EagleShot: This is THE most important skill. Its the macdaddy of all scout skills, nothing ingame even comes close to the devastating power this skill has. It has the power to overturn any pvp. 50% chance to stun, for 10seconds at 40 meters, basicly gg. Max this skill ASAP, it will be the best skill you have.

Triple Shot: The 2nd most used and vital skill in your arsenal. Its critical based damage makes it EXTREMELY powerful with this build. This is probably the only skill you'll ever see max damage come off on against mobs your level(maybe eagleshot but its rare). Its vital in pvp, and against monsters. This is your main HP killer

Trapshot: This is a really good skill, but only in some situations. Its good against classes that attack fast, and ones that already run slow. make'm run slower!
at level 6 it gets the -atkspd affect, an important debuff in pvp.

Poison arrow: Probably the worst skill you get, only good in some situations during pvp, not that good im pvm because it eats slow. Still a great skill to have.

Combat Mastery: This skill is really helpful with this build, but i maxed this last of all my skills, mainly because you only need level 12 to max hawker spirit.

Hawker Spirit: This will determine the winner from the loser in a pvp against a dex based char. Need all the hitrate you can get in pvp.

Sprint: Great skill for kiting in pvp, always good.

Sharpen Arrowhead: AMAZING pvp skill, that extra boost in ap can be the determining factor in your pvps.

Speedshot: simply the best buff skill you get.

Heart Hit: only get to level 5, for flame hawk. garbage skill tbh tho

Flame Hawk: This skill is questionable.. It has more damage than Eagleshot(although i've never seen it do more than eagleshot ever), but it has no status effect. but high damage is still nice. better than poison arrow for sure though.

Relax: garbage, don't get it. waste of sp.

Call hawk: garbage, don't get it. HUGE waste of sp.

That about covers the skills for a scout..


For your gear, what you don't want is worrying about super high dodgerate gear. What this build needs is attackpower. Preferably 3/15 or 2/15. The more atkpower the better. Once you get to a high enough level, people will never miss. So dodge is completely pointless.

As for the Gems you'll be using. I use 4 p7's. Thats the secret to success in this char. atkspd atkspd atkspd, remember it. The more, the better. You can't have to much. Its always helpful. full 100 extra atkspd from your gems so you'll end up with almost 300 atkspd with your selfbuff alone(28x with +2 atkspd bow).

PVP Tactics

Kiting is your most affective tactic in pvp against close range players. It just basicly means, shooting till they get close, then running away and repeating that same step over and over till you win. Poison arrow is good with this tactic, but not always. It has fairly short range, and some classes(mage especially) have stuns that will get you if you're too close. as well as some classes have close range attacks that you don't want to get hit by.

Now i will go into class vs class pvps.

You Vs Raider
This is probably one of the harder classes to pvp. Mainly because you can't outrun them, and they get close to you b4 you can start attacking them. If its a Good raider, its all mainly about luck. Most raiders stealth you. Pre click them 100% of the time. No joke, you'll lose if you don't. A smart raider won't start by activating a skill while in stealth. they'll run near you and attack you close. If there stupid, and use a skill from far away while still stealthed(such as a knife skill, or triple) you can skill them, as long as you preclicked. As soon as the pvp starts, no matter what they do, start spamming eagleshot on your quickbar. the stun from eagleshot is your only hope in this situation. If there stupid, and activate a skill, you'll hit them far away. If there smart and run next to you first, then skill, you're kinda out of luck. Still remember to keep spamming that eagleshot. If you stun them, follow with a triple shot, them flame hawk(if you opted to get it, if not trapshot them). the slow attack may screw up there timing with skills. and you can run then. If you miss the stun your kinda screwed.. literally.. they'll usually magic knife(again only smart raiders) then triple and hope for stun, then screw attack, then prime. they can spam quick, because there animations are fast. so you're kinda screwed. again, vs raider is all about status effects working.

You Vs Scout
Well, its all about luck in this pvp. Scout skills have a tendancy to lag a bit, and make it hard to skill right in pvp situations. Anyone who's played a scout long knows this well. You wanna start off with eagleshot. If you stun, you win. If they stun, you lose. Simple as that. If Neither of you stun, follow with triple, then normal attacks. don't even try to activate another skill. it will lag for sure and you'll lose. just follow with normal attacks(thats why you have so much attackspeed and attackpower, remember that ). Its all luck.

You Vs Cleric
In this pvp, its EXTREMELY hard to come out on top. Clerics get all those nice fancy buffs. All that defence makes them hard to damage, and all that damn magic resistance makes them super hard to stun. Once against start out with eagleshot. If you stun, follow with triple. If your triple lags, then use anything else and reclick them. follow with some normal attacks. If there not dead, you kinda lost. They'll easily stunlock you. and you'll lose. If there bad, they won't time it right, and you might get another shot at eagleshot. If you miss your first stun, its over. you lose lol.

You Vs Mage
Normaly its not normal to beat a mage in pvp, then again im not normal. If you wanna play dirty, start with eagleshot. If you hit stun, good you probably won, if not then turn and run. Mages cannot outrun you because there speedbuff is bad compared to a cleric(the reason this won't work against a cleric in pvp). Wait for eagle to recharge, get far away, and try again. Continue till they get stunned, or die. If you stand and fight, you'll lose 100% of the time(unless the offchance they miss both there stuns and there mute and there debuffs).

You Vs DexCleric
This is kind of like pvp with a raider, cept not as hard. The only hard part about a dex cleric, is there really hard to hit. Trapshot is your #1 best skill against a dex cleric. A dex cleric is all about attackspeed, if you take a big chunk of that away, its hard for them to beat you. if you can hit them that is. Start with eagleshot and pray for stun. Then follow with trapshot, stun or not. then triple attack, and just normal attack with your amazing attackspeed. This match kinda depends on status effect alone.

You Vs Knight
Kite Kite Kite Kite Kite Kite, got it? no? KITE!!! you won't win if you try to tank them. A good knight will have more than 1k defence, thats enough to outlast atleast 1 eagleshot stun(yes.. a 10second stun wtf) these battles are long and drawn out. Poison arrow FINALLY has a use! WOOT! lol. Try to stun them(some knights have high int, so its kind of hard), Follow with poison arrow. it does around 1600 damage in 24 seconds. The pvp will last about that long, so the loss of 1600 hp is a huge loss to a knight. If they get close to you, you'll prolly lose. they can outtank you, and stun you repeatedly. There also not to shabby on attackpower. kite you'll win, stay you'll lose.

You Vs Champ
This is a joke.. Just critlock them, don't even need to use any skills... champs are bad.

You Vs Bourg
This is kind of wierd, I only pvp'd a few bourgs in my time. Mainly because the lack of them. There not really pvp Characters(only 1 terrible stun skill which is close range, and there long range fighters.....), not saying there bad though. They have huge damage, and much longer range than most of your skills. Just try for stun, then triple, then normal attack. Your attackspeed comes into play alot in this pvp. They have low defence, so there rather easy to damage. just 2 skills and 1-3 arrows and its over. But they have much more attackpower than you, so its all about who gets what off first, if your stun hits, or who has more attackspeed.

You Vs Artisan
.....why the hell are you pvping an artisan? -.

Credit to: [GM]TerrOrisT

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