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Bow to Scout Guide

Post  [GM]TerrOrisT on Thu Dec 25, 2008 8:41 am

This is a guide for Bow Hawkers which implies the path to scout. First off Id like to state the basic format of this guide.

1: General Information
2: Stats
3: Skills (Making)
4: Saving money tips
5: Leveling tips

1: General Information
You should know that there are four classes in Rush On Seven Episodes (R.O.S.E) This guide is about the Hawker Class. And more importantly, about the bow division.

At level 10 you will be given the chance to receive a job. We will choose the hawker. There are two basic types of Hawkers, Katar/Dual Weapon Hawkers (AKA Combat Hawkers) The other type of Hawker is the Bow/Crossbow Hawker (AKA Bow Hawker) Although the Crossbow may be used, this guide is not about crossbow's, its about the Bow. The Bow is much like any other ranged weapon. The idea is to take advantage of its range to damage the enemy before they can even reach you. Happy Reading.

2: Stats
Dex: 60%
STR: 20%
CON: 10%
SEN: 10%

The ratio I will suggest to level your bow hawker is a 3Dex:1Sen. This is basic, and most people use this ratio. CON is also very important. CON is used for hit rate and because arrows cost money we don't wanna be missing, effectively throwing money down the drain... Luckily for us Hawkers have a skill called Hawker Accordance to raise the hit rate. Sen is for Accuracy i think.

Also, as I said 20% of bow damage is from strength. All though that is very minor it still needs to be taken into effect. Strength not only helps the attack it effects HP and DEF. We will level Strength in very small incriments. Str should not be touched until your DEX is at a base stat of 90. Once that is achieved you should go on to evel Strength to 20. Here is what yours stats would look like if you followed my stat advice. (On a side note Intellegence and Charm will not be raised)

3: Skills

By the end of level 250 you should have:

Combat Mastery: MAX
Sprint: MAX
Rapid Twitch: MAX
Velocity Accordance: MAX
Hawker Accordance: MAX

Bow Weapon
Bow Mastery: MAX
Backpack Mastery: MAX
Mana Profit: MAX
Offensive Focus: MAX
Soul Discipline: MAX
ALL Arrow Skill: MAX

Basically MAX everything.

You should have some extra skill point left i think.
Just throw it to whatever skill you want.

4: Saving money tips
Use Wooden Arrow - Does not use Inventory weight that much.
Buy Bows that are from the shop until you have money to buy a better and rare bow.
Reason: Rare bow is a waste of money and you'll only need it for lvl 100 and above.
Shoot those monster that has 1 hit K.O -- Save Bow Arrow lot. Useful.

5: Leveling Tips.
From lvl 1-49
I suggest you to train at areas around Zant, its pretty easy to level there.

Level 50-80
A) Go for junon polis. It's a pretty good for hawker since the monster there aren't that fast attackers.
B) Go for goblin cave - (B1), Its pretty easy to level there as well and you can get lots of zuly & items.

Level 81-100
Go for goblin cave - (B2,B3). Make sure that you have a cleric helping you out or you'll be raped fast.

Level 101-129
Go for Forbidden Temple. Don't worry about the Shaman Ghost color. Its pretty easy to kill when you have Scout Triple Arrow. Use 1st job Triple Arrow. You get good items and money there.

Level 130-159
Go for Mana Snowfield. Kill those penguin/ilgoo or Illusion Ghost. Illusion Ghost only gives you exp and money. But you can steal XP from those who are killing Nigrum there.

Level 160-200
Go for Xita Refuge, you'll get items, exp & money as godly. But you'll need lot of pots so prepare before fighting those rapey pincer and bees.

Level 201-250
Go for Sikuku Underground Prison or Forest of wandering.
Hit & Run Strategy, It'll save your HP pots. They hit like some cannon thrown at your face.
Ask a cleric to support you as well. Party will be the best choice.

Level 30:
STR: 15
CON: 25
SEN: 31

Level 40:
STR: 20
CON: 35
SEN: 39

Level 50:
STR: 25
CON: 40
SEN: 45

LeveL 60:
STR: 25
CON: 50
SEN: 50

Level 70:
STR: 30
CON: 50
SEN: 56

Level 80:
STR: 30
CON: 55
SEN: 62

Level 90:
STR: 35
CON: 55
SEN: 65


Level 110:
STR: 35
CON: 60
SEN: 65

Level 120:
STR: 40
CON: 65
SEN: 70

Level 130:
STR: 40
CON: 75
SEN: 80

Level 140:
STR: 45
CON: 80
SEN: 85

Level 150:
STR: 45
CON: 90
SEN: 95

Level 160:
STR: 50
CON: 95
SEN: 100

Level 161-170:
STR: 50
CON: 105
SEN: 110

Level 171-180:
STR: 55
CON: 110
SEN: 115

Level 181-190:
STR: 55
CON: 120
SEN: 125

Level 191-200:
STR: 60
CON: 125
SEN: 130

Level 201-210:
STR: 60
CON: 135
SEN: 140

Level 211-220:
STR: 65
CON: 140
SEN: 145

Level 221-230:
STR: 65
CON: 150
SEN: 155

Level 231-240:
STR: 70
CON: 155
SEN: 160

Level 241-250:
STR: 70
CON: 165
SEN: 170

Reason of making the DEX stats hidden: It's because everyone might use some different gem to bow and such so i don't know. Just follow the STR, CON, SEN normally and then rest pump to DEX.

This is a suggestion. Im not promising any miracles by using this formula, but it is a very effective build in my point of view.

If you want to get the same results. Buy this 3 misc items - Fine Ring, Light Necklace, Critical Earring. You might want to change the fine ring to con ring.. ^^. Even through you change, the rest will not be affected.

Note: The DEX will be different from lvl 1-80, don't worry about that. When you're lvl 90 and above, just follow this and you'll be owning all the way without miss. (Except for HIGH LVL MOBS.)

Credit to: [GM]TerrOrisT

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