New Forum/New Name/New Rates

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New Forum/New Name/New Rates

Post  Admin on Sat Jan 03, 2009 1:05 am

Hey all,

I was thinking and i didn't like the name ImperialRose so i thought maybe : Gravity R.O.S.E.

2nd Razz The new rates : 150XP - 10DROP - 75ZULY.
You should think "Oh no" thats to low" but we will be adding an Training spot for High Level and Low Level, i'm thinking the training will even go faster. The refining rate is really high so you can't fail. Talismans and Bindrunes are added to shops.

3rd New Forum : I have a new forum for a new name, bit logic.
and because this one isn't really clean anymore pale

thats why in the new forum im needing much more Moderators.

Tetra's idea was to make all GM's eGM's a MOD on the Forum and i agree with that.
thanks for the idea Razz

ok, i think the new server will be online about 1 week or so.

ImperialRose will be sometime's a little bit more offline.

But if Gravity R.O.S.E is online, We have a good hoster, Maybe [GM]Star or Somone other who can host it like 24/7 Very Happy:D

Sorry for the Maintence and waiting
Cya !!\



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